Terms of Use

Terms of Use

This web site ( https://www.teijin.com.cn) ("this Website") is operated by us, NANTONG TEIJIN CO.,LTD., which is subsidiary company of TEIJIN FRONTIER CO.,LTD.

The relevant policies and terms of this website are comply with the relevant regulations of TEIJIN FRONTIER CO.,LTD. Please read and agree to these Terms of Use before using the Website. Please note that once you have started using the Website you indicate your acceptance of all of the Terms of Use set forth herein.

Information Contained in the Website

Nantong Teijin takes the utmost precaution in all aspects regarding the Website and the information contained herein. However, Nantong Teijin does not in any way guarantee the reliability, adequacy, and safety of such information and in no event accepts responsibility for any damage incurred from the use of the Website or the information contained herein.

Nantong Teijin reserves the right to alter or delete information contained in the Website as well as the URL and may also interrupt or discontinue operation of the Website at any time without notice. We therefore request that you verify the latest information when using the Website. Nantong Teijin assumes no responsibility in any event for damage incurred by such changes.

Copyrights, etc.

All information, documents, text, graphics, photographs, illustrations, animation, images, sound, music, software, trademarks, designs, information sent and distributed by e-mail, etc. are protected by copyrights, industrial property rights, etc. which are owned by Nantong Teijin and third parties. Therefore, it is prohibited to reproduce, download, modify, edit, reprint, or distribute contents without consent from owners of the copyrights, etc. except for the purpose of non-commercial or personal use, use as provided for in the Website, as an excerpt, etc. or other specific use permitted by law.

Further, it is necessary for any content that bears the copyright notice of Nantong Teijin or any third party to be reproduced with such copyright notice intact.

Handling of Emails, Mail Forms, etc.

Nantong Teijin has no obligations in responding to communications to the Website via emails, mail forms, etc. nor accepts responsibility for any damage incurred as a result of a response.

Nantong Teijin reserves the right to use information, questions, suggestions, material, etc. submitted to the Website freely and for any purpose in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy of Nantong Teijin.

Handling of Links

Please obey the Trademark Law and other relevant laws with respect to creating a link to the Website. Nantong Teijin Co.,ltd shall bear no duty or responsibility whatsoever for any udamage, etc. incurred should a dispute arise from linking to the Website or any connection to such linking.

The Website may contain links to websites operated by third parties. Nantong Teijin Co.,ltd bears no responsibility what so ever for any damage incurred in connection to such linked websites. When you create links to this Website, you must comply with the following terms;

(i)you should not create links in a manner that infringes or likely to infringe trademark rights or other intellectual property rights of Nantong Teijin;

(ii)you should not create links from the website which harms or is likely to harm the credibility or reputation of Nantong Teijin or which obstructs or is likely to obstruct the business of Nantong Teijin. You should not create from the website which contains illegal Content or the Content that is offensive to public order and morals, and

(iii)Nantong Teijin shall not in any way be responsible or liable for any losses or damages resulting from or in relation to the creation of links to this Website.

Nantong Teijin may from time to time provide links on this Website to any third parity's website. Such website you link to from this Website is operated and controlled by such third party and is subject to the terms of use and privacy policies that govern such third party's website. By providing links to such third party's website, Nantong Teijin do not endorse, recommend, approve or guarantee any third party products, services or information contained in such third party's website. Thus, Nantong Teijin is not responsible for any loss or damage arising out of or in relation to the Content, the use, or failure to use of such third party's website.


Use of the Website shall be entirely at your own risk. Nantong Teijin shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage incurred as a direct or indirect result of system disruption, delay, suspension, loss of data, unlawful access to data, etc. caused by malfunction in transmission or computers while accessing the Website.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Unless otherwise stipulated, use of the Website and these Terms of Use shall be construed and governed in accordance with the laws of China. Further, the first trial for any and all disputes related to the use of the Website unless otherwise stipulated shall be dealt with in the court having jurisdiction in the place where the company is located.

Techniques Used

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Browsers supporting the above techniques can access this website.
Accessibility of this website has been confirmed with the following browsers as of April 2021, however, screen display may very depending on the user environment including the OS and browser.

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